2018 Tutorial Bundle

Jaime Ibarra Photography – 2018 Tutorial Bundle. Money made will be used to offset medical/living costs that resulted from my recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

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As many of you know, I have been battling with Multiple Sclerosis, with which I was diagnosed in October of 2017…and for those of you who don’t know, now you do.

I put this bundle together to offset my inability to work for most of the past couple of years. It has been quite difficult attenuating to the MS, but as of now, I am finally on a new MS med my neurologist put me on. After many years of downtime, I am now able to move around and function…not perfectly, but things are getting better.

The bundle includes every product I have released:

    Colour Grading (course) – Learn exactly how I produce the colours in my work, covered in granular detail. 4 videos.
    Compositing (video) – Learn how I change/alter the backgrounds in my photos.
    Working with Models (video) – A discussion of rhetoric/consuct when working with models (I feel this is far more important than any discussions about gear/equipment). Also inludes discussions (with the model) of the creative process behind several of my photos.
    Custom Lightroom Presets – 20 Colour and 5 Black-and-White presets
    Texture Collection – over 370 high-resolution textures, photographed and curated by me.

If you are so-inclined to purchase the bundle, please know that the money is very much-needed, and will be used for food, rent, bills, and everyday living costs.

I thank you for your support!